Brian Cathcart

Student Services, Administration Office Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University ・ Senior Associate

Brian Cathcart

GLOBIS is a company where anyone, regardless of nationality, can grow and reach their potential.

Work history prior to GLOBIS

I had work experience mostly in international non-governmental organizations, including the Asia Foundation in Sri Lanka, Initiatives of Change in Washington, DC, and the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE, 日本国際交流センター). At JCIE, a foreign policy thinktank, I conducted and published research on Senior level policy meetings throughout Asia and conducted correspondence & logistics for international high-level conferences.

Reasons for choosing GLOBIS

I heard about GLOBIS through a recruiter, and found out that it is an up-and-coming business school which had just started an MBA program in English. Through my work in international affairs, I had come to believe that sustainable business, such as microfinance, was a key solution to development, rather than just foreign aid. I was attracted to GLOBIS, because its vision is instill in its students a Personal Mission and use business to positively influence society. Additionally, it was a place where I can grow, regardless of my nationality. Now that I look back, this positive vision and potential for growth is one of the main reasons I enjoy working at GLOBIS.

Work at GLOBIS and current tasks

I have proceeded from a temporary worker to Senior Associate. At first I worked on helping MBA students in the English program. My responsibilities and challenges increased as I gained experience and the program itself expanded. Now I am in charge of all the Academic events for the Part-time and Full-time (English) program students, as well as seminars in English and alumni activities. I work within my team and department as well as with other people throughout GLOBIS. As a Senior Associate, I keep in mind how customers and colleagues perceive our tasks and challenges and work to build a team to complete and exceed those challenges. I also apply my bicultural perspective and think about situations from different points of view.

Motivation at GLOBIS

I am really motivated by the mission and vision of GLOBIS, and having a social contribution as part of the reason why we all work. We are building a sustainable business model that contributes to society. However, the tasks we do, especially in the English programs, are still in the venture stage and require us to work as a team and create activities and events from scratch. This means gathering the right staff for the team, the right faculty, the right students, and the right way to bring them all together to contribute to a GLOBIS model that is differentiated from other business schools and succeeds with this competitive advantage. From creating the Part-time English program, to serving our first alumni, creating exciting seminars, or building the platform for the Full-time students in 2012, the goal of creating the No. 1 business school in Asia, and contributing to a sustainable, globally interactive Japanese society, keep me motivated to work hard every day.

My future at GLOBIS

I just completed my MBA as a part-time student at GLOBIS, which sped up my business knowledge and skills. I hope to become a lecturer soon and teach subjects in the critical and analytical skills and the global affairs areas. I also want to contribute to faculty relations, and perhaps work on the corporate training side in the future as well.