CEO Message
CEO Message

CEO Message

The mission of GLOBIS is to drive creative change and innovation in society by building a business infrastructure encompassing People, Capital and Knowledge.

Yoshito Hori GLOBIS Chairman and CEO

Asia generates dynamic new waves of energy that are sweeping across the globe. GLOBIS intends to contribute to Japanese society by embracing this dynamism with the goal of emerging as the No. 1 business school in Asia and the No. 1 venture capital in Asia.

The GLOBIS journey began in 1992 with one marketing course in a small, rented classroom in Shibuya and the vision of building a business infrastructure of people, capital and knowledge to drive creative change and innovation in society.

Today our enterprise extends beyond our business school to encompass corporate training, a graduate school of management, a venture capital firm, publishing and overseas operations as a group that is gaining strength from its students and other stakeholders.

In the area of “Capital,” GLOBIS Capital Partners (GCP) offers comprehensive assistance in providing management resources as a value-creating venture capital that propels start-up businesses toward growth.

Throughout this journey of growth, GLOBIS colleagues have shared the joy of their work and the mission to provide outstanding educational opportunities for all, as well as a firm conviction to succeed.

What does GLOBIS now require to become No. 1 in Asia? As in the past, our greatest need is for colleagues who take pride in the challenge of accomplishing lofty goals.

If you have confidence in your potential and also aspire to become No. 1 in Asia, we welcome you to GLOBIS.



Yoshito Hori
GLOBIS Chairman and CEO