Application and Review Process
Application and Review Process

Application and Review Process


Select the desired job from Positions Available and submit your application.

What happens after an application is received?

Our hiring process involves:

Application and Review Process

(1) Preliminary Screening
Applications are reviewed and applicants receive the results of our review within two weeks of applying for a position.

(2) Interviews
Selected candidates are invited to meet individually with either one or two interviewers. The candidates we are interested in usually meet three to eight interviewers before we make a decision to hire them.

(3) Formal Job Offer

(4) Join the Company

How long is the review process?

The review process usually lasts for one month to six weeks following the receipt of an application for a professional position at GLOBIS.
We generally estimate the period between our formal offer and actually joining the company to be about two to three months for applicants who are employed and about one month for applicants who are unemployed. The process can be expedited for individuals seeking immediate employment.

Recruitment Seminars

We conduct recruitment seminars once or twice a

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month to promote understanding of GLOBIS and the work we do.
Participation in these seminars is completely voluntary and people interested in attending can join before or after they submit a job application.
For more information, see Recruitment Seminars.