Positions Available
Positions Available

Visiting Faculty

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Visiting Faculty

Work locationsTokyo (Kojimachi)

Successful candidates will be teaching as visiting lecturers at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University (and GLOBIS Management School), and conducting corporate seminars.

Job Description


Over the last 20 years, GLOBIS has rapidly expanded to become the No.1 business school in Japan. Our reputation is built on a strong belief of providing educational and practical experience; we offer our service to both individuals and corporate clients. All of our faculty members are highly experienced business professionals with great dedication to bringing out the best in people, helping them to excel in their occupations and discover their personal missions. After the great success we have had in Japan, we are now aiming at becoming the No.1 business school in Asia. We recently started our full time English MBA program and opened branches in Singapore and in China; these are the very first steps in our new direction.


We are now seeking highly qualified individuals to facilitate our MBA classes, who are enthusiastic to become part of this great organization. Our lecturers will have the opportunity to extend their networks in the world of business, to obtain insightful firsthand experience by working with both some of the most prestigious corporations, also to work with some of the most ambitious business leaders and brightest young minds from all over the world. Our lecturers’ shared experiences and in-depth knowledge would heavily influence these business leaders for tomorrow.

Job Description

He or she will be able to facilitate classes in our graduate schools and corporate training classes. The lecturer will be able to provide teaching/instructional services according to the curriculum specified and commissioned by GLOBIS. Other services may become necessary for efficient class management, including but not limited to attendance at GLOBIS social events and class orientations. Lecturing courses include Marketing, Finance/Accounting, Strategy, Critical Thinking, Human Resource Management, Innovation, Creativity and many other business management related practices and areas of study.


Requirements and Considerations
Qualified candidates must
- Have a Master’s degree, MBA, PhD, and/or a relevant professional qualification in a relevant discipline;
- Have at least five years of specialized professional business and/or entrepreneurial experience in relevant disciplines;
- Have excellent presentation and facilitation skills for conducting interactive classes;
- Possess native-level English proficiency
- Currently reside in the Tokyo area or at least be committed to participating in interviews and training sessions at Tokyo office throughout the screening and on-board process;
- Acknowledge that they may not be permitted to enter into a lecturing contract with other competing educational institutions.

Required Documents
• resume including detailed professional business experience (maximum length: two A4-size page)
• a cover letter explaining why you are applying for a visiting lecturer position at GLOBIS (maximum length: one A4-size page)

The successful candidate will go through a demo session during the initial interview process and will complete a series of training sessions at GLOBIS.

Please note that the application form on this website is currently only in Japanese.
If you have difficulties filling in the form in Japanese, please feel free to send your required documents (CV and essay) to “recruiting@globis.co.jp" instead.
We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you.

We welcome candidates for all courses but are now especially looking for the lecturers who will teach the following three courses with the extensive professional backgrounds in each field.

-Venture Management
-Creativity and Organization Management
-Financial Accounting

Conditions of Employment

Employment Status
Details of employment status and remuneration are available upon request. Successful candidates will enter into a long term service agreement with GLOBIS (which is not a form of full-employment at GLOBIS) which shall be automatically extended on a yearly basis until or unless terminated by GLOBIS through a written notice.

Work Locations

Tokyo (Kojimachi)
*Current positions for English program lecturers are only available within Tokyo area.

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