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Recruitment Seminars

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What kind of company is GLOBIS? How is the GLOBIS business school different from other business schools? What are the advantages of working for GLOBIS, and what career paths can I pursue while working there? Can I accomplish my goals at GLOBIS? Our recruitment seminars answer these questions and more. They are open to anyone, regardless of whether they are currently seeking employment with GLOBIS.

Through the seminars, we want to communicate what makes GLOBIS a great place to work. Seminar leaders share their aspirations and experiences of working at GLOBIS. In addition, we discuss how GLOBIS is a company committed to its ongoing creation of a distinctive business school. This school contributes to society by harnessing the dynamism of a rapidly changing world under organizational management that encourages creativity. We would like you to feel this energy intrinsic in the establishment of one of Japan’s largest business schools—created in just twenty years.

To ensure that each participant receives maximum value for their time, we begin each seminar by asking for your questions, and we make sure to answer them during the seminar.

Comments from past participants:
“I understood and agreed with the GLOBIS mission to contribute to society rather than merely pursue profit.” “I came away with a feeling of hope for the revival of Japan.” “The seminar helped me realize what I truly want to do.” “I appreciated all of the answers to the many questions people asked.” Anyone interested in joining a seminar is welcome to register after reviewing the following registration guidelines.

Registration Guidelines

GLOBIS’ vision and mission
Daily operations and organizational management
HR management system, career paths and who we consider to be the ideal candidate
What you can gain while working at GLOBIS

Requirements for Participation
Participants must have:
• an aspiration to create new value and contribute to society through business;
• the motivation to constantly strive for the achievement of lofty goals;
• three to ten years of work experience;
• an undergraduate degree.

Seating Capacity
30 *If more than 30 people register for the seminar, we will hold a drawing to select participants after prescreening for eligibility.

Recruitment Seminar Registration
Registrants do not need to submit a CV. To determine eligibility, we require your name, date of birth, e-mail address, most recent job title, and academic record.

To apply, select the seminar title next to your preferred date and time.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

Personal Information Policy
Any personal information obtained through the registration process will be used solely for making hiring decisions and conducting related activities such as interviews.
Except as required by law, GLOBIS will not disclose or otherwise provide the personal information of registrants to a third party without the prior consent of the registrant.
GLOBIS Corporation is responsible for the management of personal information obtained from registrants.
For more information, see our Privacy Policy.


Recruitment Seminars

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