HR System
HR System

HR System

Our HR policy at GLOBIS is designed to:  - Cultivate a sound corporate culture  - Achieve our philosophy, vision and mission  - Become a respected member of society

1.Basic Policy for Organizational Design

Keeping an Eye on Change and Innovation
Our enterprise aims to be highly adept at managing change. Therefore, we endeavor to have an organization designed to respond effectively to changes spurred by growth, the business environment, our vision and our strategy.

Focusing on Speed and Flexibility
Speed is essential to maintaining our competitiveness in the market. But we must also strive to remain flexible, so as to prevent structural rigidity. We can achieve this by introducing mechanisms to ensure sufficient mobility within the organization.

Open Instead of Closed
Our goal is to take full advantage of outstanding individuals and organizations, regardless of their field of expertise. To this end, we want to maintain an open organizational structure and operational system. We encourage open discussions, and want to disclose as much information as is feasible.

Promoting Empowerment
We actively work to delegate tasks and responsibilities to each organization, team and individual. Our goal is to develop organizations where people work proactively while still maintaining consistency throughout the organization.

2.Our Basic Policies for Organizational Management and Control

Basic Philosophy
We endorse the principle that our employees should work at their own discretion with full responsibility for their work. This principle is based on a belief in the essential goodness of human nature. We avoid management based on needless rules and regulations, which assumes human nature is flawed.

Our organizational structure should attract and encourage people who exhibit vitality and are considerate of others, who proactively solve problems and demonstrate managerial-level expertise.

A. Organizational Management

Management by Value
We pursue "management by value," which is based on participation and empowerment, rather than "management by order," which depends on a strict command-and-control authority of supervisors.

Individual Discretion and Responsibility
We grant broad discretion to people in their jobs. We believe people should work at their own discretion, with full responsibility for the results. As much as possible, we avoid micromanaging our employees’ work hours and schedules.

B. Compensation

Compensation Based on Performance, Competency and Expectations
We do not use traditional compensation systems—either the U.S. style position-based salary, or the Japanese-style seniority-based salary. Instead, we pursue a compensation system based on performance and competency.

We determine a fixed portion of salary based on an absolute assessment of and expectations for each individual, not relative factors such as annual salary growth.

Profit Sharing System
Our system increases the total value of compensation by sharing actual profits, rather than simply raising salaries. We maintain a system where profits are returned to each individual fairly, based on their contribution to actual profits.

Benchmarked against Market Value
To ensure an appropriate balance between the individual and the group, we consider the market value of each person when considering compensation.

Employee Achievement
We apply fair and agreed-upon criteria in the review and assessment of achievements by employees who perform work at their own discretion.

C. Assessment of Performance

Pursuit of Fairness
Our performance assessment systems ensure those who have demonstrated outstanding capabilities, work hard, create high value and exceed expectations are appropriately evaluated and fairly rewarded.

Fair and Reasonable Assessment Process
Our assessment procedures are as equitable and reasonable as possible while being flexible. We avoid using strict, inflexible assessment criteria.

Focus on Communication
When assessing people, our focus remains on maintaining close communication through dialogue, while complying with given rules.

3.Our Basic Philosophy on Recruitment, Capability Development and Career Paths

D. Recruitment

Principle of Shared Value
We place top priority on recruiting prospective employees who share our common values, mission and vision, while also highly valuing their capabilities. Our goal is to strictly adhere to this principle.

Striving for Uniqueness
We actively recruit those with unique talents, while creating a distinctive corporate culture that values creativity and integrates the strengths of a diverse workforce.

E. Basic Philosophy on Human Resources

Provide Opportunities for Self-Fulfillment
We respect the individual’s desire for career development, and want employees to fulfill their expectations at GLOBIS, as long as their capabilities and goals align with our expectations. Employees must understand they are wholly responsible for their own career development—we do not guarantee their career path. We encourage employees to exercise initiative in the development of their career and their abilities.

Optimized Human Resources
We endeavor to transfer employees into jobs and positions which result in the optimal use of human resources for GLOBIS. This policy takes precedence when corporate and individual desires differ.

Balancing Continuity and Revitalization
When allocating human resources, GLOBIS balances individual mobility with the need to keep the organization healthy and productive, while achieving continuity in our activities.