Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

GLOBIS guides businesses toward creative change and innovation by building an infrastructure that encompasses people, capital and knowledge. We are always looking for professionals who will take on the challenge of paving the way for creative change and innovation.

Paving the way for creative change and innovation

GLOBIS supports change and creativity in society by building business infrastructures that encompass human, capital and knowledge resources.


How the GLOBIS VISION was born

One day in 1990, as a student at the Harvard Business School, Yoshito Hori, sitting on the campus lawn, drew three circles in a notebook and then labeled the circles with the words “People,” “Capital” and “Knowledge.”

“People” referred to developing future business leaders. “Capital” represented providing venture funding with hands-on support. “Knowledge” meant disseminating management expertise.

He believed that establishing these business infrastructures would lead to a major infusion of human resources, cultivate venture businesses and maintain Japan’s dynamism. These fundamental concepts now represent the core vision of GLOBIS.